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Acne, IBS, addiction and more…

Fruitarian Farmer was born with the idea to share as much information with others. To inspire, motivate and be authentic. I’m here to save you time and money in finding a solution.

Those who know me now would never realize it, but previously I was a walking disaster. Coming from a lifestyle of drink, drugs, junk food, severe depression, panic attacks, chronic illness and zero energy… to one of raw organic foods, juices, zest for life, daily workouts, no more panic attacks, no more chronic illnesses, looking and feeling younger every day.

I used to eat literally everything, four plates of pasta, chips, pizzas, and including animals. I became a vegetarian, then vegan, now mostly raw. Trust me you will survive without them, you’ll feel better, look younger, be so much stronger and feel happier.

Looking at me now you wouldn’t think I used to have a problem with alcohol or drugs. Growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent a large part of my youth getting absolutely wasted, more often to the point where I was severely ill. Looking back now I feel no shame, although I did for many years. I have used it as a learning experience, and hopefully opening up about this will inspire others.

We live in a world where the media, glamour, advertising and materialism rule.

I used certain things as a coping mechanism to escape my reality, my feelings, and overcome shyness. The bottom line is we don’t NEED things like alcohol, drugs, animal foods. I have now been 7+ years with none of these and have never looked back.

We’ve all got our own stories to tell. I was raised by a single mum in a high rise flat in Glasgow. Not much money, living off benefits, lots of scrimping and saving, trying to make ends meet. Food was mostly off the shelves and tinned, my mum tried her very best to make it work. Growing up this way made the person I am today. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in life like most people, but all these experiences have made me stronger, braver, more compassionate and with one main purpose in life: to help as many people as I can.

Five years ago I moved back to Italy and was reborn in a sense. I learned the a-z of growing organic foods, re-established a lost relationship with my father and adopted a raw vegan diet. Lots of things changed along with my mindset and outlook on life, and now I’m in beautiful UK for another learning experience. Who knows where life will take me next!

Now in my thirties, I don’t need a stitch of make up, nor any medicine or painkillers. I no longer suffer from ailments, anxiety and panic attacks, and I feel amazing, full of energy, confident and healthy! Having hit what others call rock bottom several times, I have bounced back to fulfill my life purpose of inspiring and helping others.

For anyone out there who is suffering with health issues, trust me I know how you feel and I can assure you this is resolvable using natural methods. Don’t poison your body with pills or lotions that do nothing to eliminate the root cause, nature’s the answer.                   

Art, dance, gardening and nature…

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5 fun facts about stefania…

  • I’m an artist follow my work here FacebookInstagram
  • When I was 21 I lived a year in Brazil
  • I speak 3 languages fluently and 2 less so!
  • My longest juice fast was 42 days
  • I teach a class of dance & yoga with fun filled latin moves and zen yoga stretches!


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