COOKED food experiment after FULLY RAW 4.5 years – What happened? | Fruitarian Farmer

From fully raw back to cooked? Let me explain… After 4.5 years of raw foods mainly fruits & some veggies. I decided to perform a short experiment of eating again cooked food. Yes i know! What is this madness you say?😂😂😂 believe me I’ve not lost my mind but I wanted to see what effects thinking positively about the food would have on my body.

There’s ALOT to say and i want to be completely honest and truthful. I’ve made a video & will upload it today on YouTube. Turns out i love making vids and editing them who knew😎

I’ll be making much more vids documenting everything- my experiments and experiences in a fun open way because detox does not have to be boring! Also to inspire you to continue on this journey😊🙏So if you’re interested look me up and subscribe🎬 stefania – Fruitarian Farmer 🎬

COOKED food experiement after 4.5 years fully raw


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