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I work with Naturopathic nutrition which is about creating a tailored diet to suit the individual in order to bring in balance and harmony. It is about implementing foods that give energy, boost the immune system and aid the body in healing.

It involves understanding food allergies and their origins instead of masking symptoms with artificial pills. It goes to the root cause of issue, using the history of the individual paired with family information. I create for each of my clients a tailor made diet based on high vibrational, healthy foods that will work in harmony with the body rather than a standard diet based on scientific numbers.

Taking a holistic approach to healing through examining diet, lifestyle changes, detoxing techniques and incorporating de-stressing activities will make you feel reborn again.

Full of energy, motivation and lust for life! Yes! It’s possible. Trust me, if I can do it so can you. I work with clients who have diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, migraines, vertigo and lots more…

Gluten free, Dairy free, Plant based recipes, Vegan and Fully raw options for all the family…


Good food and good habits change everything...

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What an amazing woman! Her kindness, her enthusiasm, her wonderful ideas for putting together healthy meals and managing better my time. I am getting my life back together thanks to her help through coaching. I have suffered my whole life with ailments and she in little time managed to understand where it all came from and gave me the right directions to heal. 
She did an extremely detailed 5 page plan for me including diet and everything! More than I expected! If you are struggling with your health and need that extra support book a session with her! Plus she made me laugh a lot, so down to earth and lovely!
I recommend her to the stars and back! 

Jen Bradley (Devon, UK)

Stefania made me feel comfortable always. She listened to my problems and helped me find a solution. I’ve lost 15 stone and feeling like a new woman, great ideas and so sweet! Grazie Stefania

Patrizia Di Mambro (Rome, Italy)

Just what I needed, she helped me realize where I was going wrong and what I could do about it. Really kind and helped me out during a rough period in my life.

Thanks again Stefania

Sara Tayer (Ireland, UK)

Such a kind and generous person who is helping me recover, I cannot recommend Stefania enough! 
She helps me feel good , supports me, listens to me, and makes me laugh xx all these things are so important when fighting an illness and have poor health. Stefania helps you achieve whatever your health goals are, and I will be working with her until I get there with mine . 
Such a special and inspiring Lady 💕 
Grateful that I found her 🙏


Claire Thomas (Midlands, UK)

Feel like a health reboot in sunny Italy?

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What I advocate is eating well and changing lifestyle habits to promote harmony within the body. This is why I trained as a Nutritional Therapist. This is my PASSION, helping others achieve amazing health!

Artificial medicine is destructive to our cells. It only disguises the symptoms, and the problem becomes even greater as you are NOT dealing with the root cause. Healing with diet and lifestyle changes produces real lasting results



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